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10 Places Where You Can Meet A Guy


Too Shy To Meet Guys?

Are you still searching for that special someone with whom you can share your life?  If you are, you then have to worry any longer where to find him, as I bring you the list of ten places where you can go and meet your potential future boyfriend, or husband.  If you are currently single, definitely try to go to these places as you might end up finding the love of your life.

1. Nightclub


When you go to a nightclub you have a lot of possibilities to meet new and interesting people, especially guys.  Just be careful to see them afterwards in daylight, too before committing to a relationship.

2. Coffee Shop

If you choose to change your local coffee shop, you will probably a ton of new people, and you could meet your soul mate too.  Coffee shops are a great place for you to chitchat and meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere.

716affe3819e0bbe6b85415a5b5f99263. Bookstore

If you see a cutie standing next to you in a bookstore, comment on the book he’s looking at, and see where the conversation takes you.  You might happen to find out make you have a lot in common, before you know it you will be going out on a date.

4. Hardware Store

There are always a lot of men in hardware stores.  You can meet some of them by asking for help with something.  You may end up making a great guy who is also handy around the house.

5. Park

Go to a park alone and bring a book or a pet with you.  You’ll be surprised we’d how many great people you will be able to get to know, and you might end up falling in love for all you know!

6. Gym

Not only that you will look your best, but you also might happen to find that special someone in your favorite gym.  Don’t be shy, and approach to the first guy you like.  Ask him to help you with training, or give you a tip on how to do something.

7. Library

Going to a library you might meet some new and interesting guys who are also very intelligent and devoted to art and literature.

8. Swimming Pool

Not only that you can look at hot guys at the swimming pool, but you can also meet them.  Furthermore, going to the swimming pool will help you keep fit and healthy.

9. Hiking Tour

Perhaps you will meet the love of your life while going on hiking tour.  While you enjoyed the beauties of nature, you might also enjoy the company of men and some of those men might happen to be the love of your life.

10. Group Activity

It’s always a nice strategy to meet new people by joining group activities.  You will meet a lot of new and interesting people, and perhaps even date some of them.